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  1. I just completed GREEN EMBER and I am totally in awe. I love how the emotions were captured, how Picket overcame his personal trials, and just how well-developed the story is. It is worthy of a Disney/Pixar representation. The story is amazing and I am hoping there is a sequel. Please continue to write and pursue a movie; it’s a great representation, appealing to young male and female readers. Kudos. Continue this: you have a new follower thanks to Lewisburg, WV Literary Fest!

  2. I’m with Michelle here…My boys and I will not rest until we read a sequel. I’ve been reading The Green Ember to my two boys (ages 7 and 4) every night before bed, and they love it. They talk about Picket and Heather all the time! We’ll start Black Star next and will await the story of Picket and Heather’s continuing saga.

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