Third Printing, New Book News, I Pod, Author Talks, & More or Less…Let’s Blast March To Smithereens

beautiful kids in africa!!

Hello! I’m delighted to be sharing this newsletter with you. It has updates on my next book(s), a link to a recent interview I did, and fewer jokes about essential oils than ever! Like the lemming said to the other lemming, let’s jump right in. The Pods That The Pigs Did Eat I want to […]


Art as Hospitality


This is a veritable collision of amazingness. If you have a kid who loves to draw, tell stories, or really anything, then you will want to read this. My pal Zach Franzen (illustrator for The Green Ember) is featured over at the Amongst Lovely Things blog, hosted by my friend Sarah Mackenzie, and the result […]


Why It Matters


Why do the arts matter? Why does Beauty matter? I don’t believe I have ever heard a better explanation than the song Why It Matters, by Sara Groves. I can still remember Gina coming to me years ago while I typed away at my first novel, battling discouragement (as always), and saying, “This song is what […]


The Green Ember: Origin Movie


Sound good? Get your own copy, or buy one for all your grandkids and your less-than-grand kids. Note: This is a slightly edited reworking of our wonderful kickstarter video created by Brian Patton. I hated for that video to only have a life that made sense as long as the kickstarter was ongoing. So I […]


To Fast or Too Fast?


Here are two short sections from a wonderful piece about fasting (and feasting) from Peter Leithart. It’s a very positive article about the part of Christianity that is saying “no.”  A good read for modern people unaccustomed/hostile to hearing “no” and for ordinary evangelicals (like me) still a little confused about Lent. I strongly recommend […]


The Green Ember is Currently Free! (Please Spread the Word.)


That’s right: FREE. As in, gratis. For the next three days, a person may virtually waltz into the virtual Kindle Store and, without offending virtue, walk out (with thegoods) without paying. It’s legal shoplifting, and I’m asking if you’ll do it. You’ve probably seen these things. There’s a way in which they don’t help: people […]