The Green Ember: Origin Movie


Sound good? Get your own copy, or buy one for all your grandkids and your less-than-grand kids. Note: This is a slightly edited reworking of our wonderful kickstarter video created by Brian Patton. I hated for that video to only have a life that made sense as long as the kickstarter was ongoing. So I […]


To Fast or Too Fast?


Here are two short sections from a wonderful piece about fasting (and feasting) from Peter Leithart. It’s a very positive article about the part of Christianity that is saying “no.”  A good read for modern people unaccustomed/hostile to hearing “no” and for ordinary evangelicals (like me) still a little confused about Lent. I strongly recommend […]


The Green Ember is Currently Free! (Please Spread the Word.)


That’s right: FREE. As in, gratis. For the next three days, a person may virtually waltz into the virtual Kindle Store and, without offending virtue, walk out (with thegoods) without paying. It’s legal shoplifting, and I’m asking if you’ll do it. You’ve probably seen these things. There’s a way in which they don’t help: people […]


BLAST TO SMITHEREENS: Audiobooks, Stock, & My Wild Foray Into the Teeth of the Essential Oils Cartel

SD SMith BLAST Better

January News Hallo! We are literally having a blast. You are being blasted to Smithereens. Or I am blasting to Smithereens. Somebody is exploding here. #Smithereens #Blast #Successing It’s all happening. November and December were bananas and we were not quite able to keep up with demand and have over and over run out of […]