A Cathedral of Words

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I wrote this little poem in a minute while listening to a man talk about how bygone builders approached the architecture of angels. He spoke of how they built grand spires and sacred spaces with an expansive imagination for the ages. He challenged us to consider what we were building. Would it last? I thought, […]


How You Can Help After The West Virginia Floods


Many of you probably know me as “that guy from West Virginia,” or, “that West Virginia author.” I’m good with that. I love this state so much. As most of you know, we were hit hard by flooding. (If you aren’t aware, here’s a story about it. And my own family didn’t see flooding in […]


Clarkson Set To Return As Narrator In Highly-Anticipated Audiobook For The Green Ember Sequel (3 DAYS LEFT TO ORDER!)

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I’m so happy to share this news! My friend Joel Clarkson will return to narrate Ember Falls, available to order for only 3 more days on Kickstarter! (Ends June 11.) Here’s the release from Story Warren Books. –Sam — Story Warren Books today announced that Joel Clarkson will narrate Ember Falls, the highly-anticipated sequel to Best-Selling […]


Stretch Goal #1: ACHIEVED! —> Stretch Goal #2: ANNOUNCED!

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Yahoo! We reached 900 backers for our Ember Falls Kickstarter! That is really wonderful. More readers and more opportunity to spread the stories further. Thank you! That means EVERYONE who backed (and will back) the project over the next 5 days will receive an audiobook download card for the best-selling, fan-favorite adventure, The Green Ember! (You […]


Base Goal…Achieved!

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We are very happy to announce that after 9 days, we have reached our initial goal of $40,000! This means that, no matter what else happens, this Kickstarter has been a big success! 58% of publishing projects on Kickstarter fail, and only 2.6% of publishing projects succeed above the 20K mark. So this is a […]


Getting Super Close To Our Base Goal! AND…Bringing S. D. Smith To Your School/Homeschool Group For An Author Visit Is EASIER Than You Think

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We are 9 days into this…and over 90% of the way to our base goal in this Kickstarter! Thank you so much. This is exciting! Most exciting of all to me is the new readers we are reaching and that we’re inching closer and closer to getting Ember Falls into your hands! And now, may […]


Halfway There!

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(This was my update a couple of days ago, after we passed the halfway mark.)  It’s so hard sometimes in life, to keep from referencing Bon Jovi. Especially when you are literally halfway there and simultaneously living on a prayer. But I managed to do it, somehow. Thank you so much for your generous support […]