Black Star On The Radio: Fireballs, Fables, and Allies in Imagination

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World Magazine’s Emily Whitten (also of Redeemed Reader fame) interviewed Zach Franzen, Andrew Peterson, Randall Goodgame (Slugs & Bugs), and myself for a spot on World Radio’s “The World and Everything In It.” It features an intro to The Black Star of Kingston, a bit about Inkwell, and way too much credit to me as a […]


UPDATE: FREE DAYS ARE DONE The Green Ember is FREE! Can You Help Us Spread The Word?


The Green Ember is FREE. Get it now. Share it now.  — This little adventure has been fun. Writing is necessarily a lonely vocation, and the “self-promotion” part of the job is fraught with real and imagined perils. But one thing I’ve been so grateful for has been the constant, enthusiastic support we’ve had from […]


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Shirts for Sale! Tree Shirt? Get yours here! These feel really comfortable. I’ve had mine for a few weeks and I love it. It’s a very soft, high-quality shirt. Still feels the same after many washes.We have just about every size, including toddlers. The toddler shirts are light grey, with black print. We have a limited inventory, so you need to hustle to […]