The Shaping Power of Family Habits

Our family is becoming more and more aware of the fact that our traditions shape us. Our rituals and habits, those things we do every day, are more than just outworkings of our ideas and beliefs, they are activities that inform and shape our souls. Aristotle said. “You are what you continually do. Excellence, therefore, […]


Great News: Joel Clarkson Will Voice The Green Ember Audiobook and It’s Been Added to the Kickstarter!


We’re so delighted to announce that Joel Clarkson will be be performing the audiobook for The Green Ember. After a brief update on how this impacts our Kickstarter, I’ll include some background on Joel and his family, how we got to this point, and why we’re excited about him being on board. ………. The audiobook […]


Gina’s Heartfelt Post, News About Zach’s Original Art, and Sam Featured in Today’s Newspaper: Update on The Green Ember


This is an update Andrew Mackay just posted. I wanted to share it here as well. You can still get in on the project here. —–   —–   —– Hi Friends, We’re excitedly counting down the last days of our Kickstarter project. We’ve been continually blessed by your encouragement. We’re saving a big announcement for […]