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The Green Ember is FREE. Get it now. Share it now.  — This little adventure has been fun. Writing is necessarily a lonely vocation, and the “self-promotion” part of the job is fraught with real and imagined perils. But one thing I’ve been so grateful for has been the constant, enthusiastic support we’ve had from […]


Till The Green Ember Rises! T-Shirts Now Available

smith family shirts

Shirts for Sale! Tree Shirt? Get yours here! These feel really comfortable. I’ve had mine for a few weeks and I love it. It’s a very soft, high-quality shirt. Still feels the same after many washes.We have just about every size, including toddlers. The toddler shirts are light grey, with black print. We have a limited inventory, so you need to hustle to […]


Memorial Day Thanksgiving


Every nation, people, or culture has a story. It seems to me that in every one of those cultures there is a place of honor reserved for those whose work it is or has been to protect all the others. Such is certainly the case in the American story. From the founding our principal heroes […]


A Character Story


Some readers of The Green Ember, my first fantasy adventure novel for kids, found the ending to be a cliff-hanger. Some kids even shouted at their parents in frustration, “That is a horrible ending!” and “There has to be another book!” Hey, I’ll take any kind of enthusiastic, emotional response. It means they cared. So, […]