To Fast or Too Fast?


Here are two short sections from a wonderful piece about fasting (and feasting) from Peter Leithart. It’s a very positive article about the part of Christianity that is saying “no.”  A good read for modern people unaccustomed/hostile to hearing “no” and for ordinary evangelicals (like me) still a little confused about Lent. I strongly recommend […]


Why Are Storytellers Often Bad Preachers and Preachers Often Bad Storytellers?

This subject deserves more attention, but consider this a timid foray into a field with tall grass and various lurking beasts all of which this adventurer cannot hope to see. A friend recently bemoaned the apparent problem that many of our leading theologians are disconnected from good storytelling and that many of our leading storytellers […]


St. Patrick’s Breastplate

What a wonderful prayer/confession/affirmation. The Lorica, or St. Patrick’s Breastplate I arise today With a mighty power, Calling on the name of the Holy Trinity, Affirming His Threeness, Confessing His Oneness, Thanking my Creator, loving His Creation. I arise today Made strong by Christ’s coming. Made strong by His Baptism. Made strong by His crucifixion, […]