To Fast or Too Fast?


Here are two short sections from a wonderful piece about fasting (and feasting) from Peter Leithart. It’s a very positive article about the part of Christianity that is saying “no.”  A good read for modern people unaccustomed/hostile to hearing “no” and for ordinary evangelicals (like me) still a little confused about Lent. I strongly recommend […]


My Beautiful Wife

My lovely wife, Gina, is tackling a new project over at her blog. Actually, it’s an old one, but she’s sharing it in little glimpses this year. I wish I could adequately express how grateful I am for Gina. The word which most readily comes to mind when I think of her is “beautiful.” She […]


Five Reasons My Family Absolutely Loves “Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs”

My post for this month is up at For the Family… And don’t miss Randall’s Live (Stage-It) concert online this Saturday morning! This would be a great opportunity to gather the kids and enjoy some wonderful music from the Bible. Our family has been profoundly blessed and wildly delighted by Randall Goodgame’s recent album, Sing […]