Why It Matters


Why do the arts matter? Why does Beauty matter? I don’t believe I have ever heard a better explanation than the song Why It Matters, by Sara Groves. I can still remember Gina coming to me years ago while I typed away at my first novel, battling discouragement (as always), and saying, “This song is what […]


A Good Year


It was a good one. Yes, 2014 was a wonderful year for us for so many reasons. There was pain and darkness, like always in the world as it is, but overall it felt like a year of healing and hope, of rest and new life. It was a year of surprising adventures and, as the man […]


“My, My Heart Like a…Kickstart!” Images and Words from a Memorable Weekend

We are over the moon about how well the kickstarter launch for The Green Ember has gone so far. If you missed the wild weekend, here’s a brief (I hope!) summary. We launched on Friday morning at 6am. Our goal was to reach $10,000 in pre-sales within 30 days. We genuinely had absolutely no idea […]


Have You Got Your Ears On?

My wife picked out our freshly-five-year-old son’s birthday present, a pair of walkie-talkies. He was thrilled. “Oh, Mommy! It’s just E-zackly what I wanted. Thank you!” We were pleased, proud, and happy. What amazing parents we were. What gift selection. What a joyful home we had made. Everything, as the poets have said, was awesome. […]


My Wife Contra Mundum

My wife is the most influential person in my life. She is a relentless force for good in our family life. She is a life-giver. She is beautiful, a mother begetting beauty daily in a thousand ways. She is an artist. I live on her canvas, am treated to a life-time backstage pass to her […]