Please Share the News: Black Star is FREE to a Good Home (& to Bad Homes)

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The Black Star of Kingston is FREE right now on Kindle. But only for today and tomorrow. (It was also free yesterday, reaching as high as #31 overall for free books on Kindle.) I’d be very grateful of you’d consider sharing this news with your friends. Cheers! If you’re not sure how to do that, […]


Save Yourself! (Money): The Best Deal on My Books Since 1790

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Hey, ya’ll. Sam here. I’ve got news for you that involves major savings and possibly time travel. This is what I know right now. My publisher is slashing smashing murdering slaughtering lowering prices and offering the hard cover of The Green Ember, along with the paperback of The Black Star of Kingston, in a bundle for a mere $20. […]


Black Star On The Radio: Fireballs, Fables, and Allies in Imagination

openr inkwell

World Magazine’s Emily Whitten (also of Redeemed Reader fame) interviewed Zach Franzen, Andrew Peterson, Randall Goodgame (Slugs & Bugs), and myself for a spot on World Radio’s “The World and Everything In It.” It features an intro to The Black Star of Kingston, a bit about Inkwell, and way too much credit to me as a […]


UPDATE: FREE DAYS ARE DONE The Green Ember is FREE! Can You Help Us Spread The Word?


The Green Ember is FREE. Get it now. Share it now.  — This little adventure has been fun. Writing is necessarily a lonely vocation, and the “self-promotion” part of the job is fraught with real and imagined perils. But one thing I’ve been so grateful for has been the constant, enthusiastic support we’ve had from […]


A Character Story


Some readers of The Green Ember, my first fantasy adventure novel for kids, found the ending to be a cliff-hanger. Some kids even shouted at their parents in frustration, “That is a horrible ending!” and “There has to be another book!” Hey, I’ll take any kind of enthusiastic, emotional response. It means they cared. So, […]