Building A Family Culture Around Books

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We are NOT that perfect family that sits together by the fireside every night after gourmet meals reading Shakespeare to the babies. But we are on a journey. We are sharing time together reading aloud, experiencing a shared story, and creating a common history. Nothing can quite replace the experience of a family on a […]


The Green Ember is Currently Free! (Please Spread the Word.)


That’s right: FREE. As in, gratis. For the next three days, a person may virtually waltz into the virtual Kindle Store and, without offending virtue, walk out (with thegoods) without paying. It’s legal shoplifting, and I’m asking if you’ll do it. You’ve probably seen these things. There’s a way in which they don’t help: people […]


“My, My Heart Like a…Kickstart!” Images and Words from a Memorable Weekend

We are over the moon about how well the kickstarter launch for The Green Ember has gone so far. If you missed the wild weekend, here’s a brief (I hope!) summary. We launched on Friday morning at 6am. Our goal was to reach $10,000 in pre-sales within 30 days. We genuinely had absolutely no idea […]