The Man Who Saved Narnia (And a Giveaway at Sally Clarkson’s)

2014-10-12 14.18.50

Today I’m super happy to be featured over at my friend Sally Clarkson’s blog. (And yes, I’m bragging about being friends with such a cool person.) She very generously asked me to write a post and do a giveaway at her site. As a big fan of Sally’s work, and that of her whole family, […]


“My, My Heart Like a…Kickstart!” Images and Words from a Memorable Weekend

We are over the moon about how well the kickstarter launch for The Green Ember has gone so far. If you missed the wild weekend, here’s a brief (I hope!) summary. We launched on Friday morning at 6am. Our goal was to reach $10,000 in pre-sales within 30 days. We genuinely had absolutely no idea […]


Why Are Storytellers Often Bad Preachers and Preachers Often Bad Storytellers?

This subject deserves more attention, but consider this a timid foray into a field with tall grass and various lurking beasts all of which this adventurer cannot hope to see. A friend recently bemoaned the apparent problem that many of our leading theologians are disconnected from good storytelling and that many of our leading storytellers […]