BLAST TO SMITHEREENS: Audiobooks, Stock, & My Wild Foray Into the Teeth of the Essential Oils Cartel

SD SMith BLAST Better

January News Hallo! We are literally having a blast. You are being blasted to Smithereens. Or I am blasting to Smithereens. Somebody is exploding here. #Smithereens #Blast #Successing It’s all happening. November and December were bananas and we were not quite able to keep up with demand and have over and over run out of […]


The Ice, Ice Baby Catechism

Since there’s an epidemic of DIY spirituality among us (“You say that like it’s a bad thing!”), I began to consider the logical, progressive consequences. This led me to the inevitability of…people basing their religion on Vanilla Ice. The three main tenants of the faith would be Stopping, Collaborating, and Listening. But we must go […]